You're a photographer???

Yeah I shoot people...!!!

So whats it all about then???

Its about lights, mirrors and seeing differently, I don't see photography as a job or business,but a way of life,

an art form a way of communicating

the way I see...

Favourite type of photography ???

Anything that provokes a reaction, makes the hairs on my

arms stand up and amateur pornography !!!

Stallone, Segal, Norris or Van Damme???

Michael Dudikoff the American Ninja

was the hardest, he poessess great skills

See Here...

Equipment ???

I have what I need and I use it well

Lastly, girls only want boys who have

great skills, what skills do you have ???

Advanced software skills in Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge,

Illustrator, Padi advanced deep water diver, experienced

with Bowens, Elinchom, Blondes, Redheads & Brunettes,

retouching & nunchuck skills at brown belt level, aprentice drinker. Accepted at Central st Martins but chose London

college of communication